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Children’s Ward Play Area

A cheque for £3,500 was presented on 11th January 2018 to the Children’s Ward at Royal Blackburn Hospital. The money was the total of our Christmas collection, including £1,000 from the Knights of St Columba. Staff on the Children’s Ward were delighted to receive this donation and were visibly excited about the difference it would make. Funds will be used to create better outdoor play facilities for young patients, who would otherwise be kept inside for the duration of their stay in hospital. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed.

Brian Melia, Stephen McMillan and Anne Atkinson are pictured with Fr Brian presenting the cheque to hospital staff.





The Memorial Gateway at St Edward's has had major refurbishment following an inspection that identified decay in the wooden structure. Whilst initially, this appeared to be a straight forward task, further investigation revealed serious deep rooted structural decay and was compromising the safety of the gateway. This refurbishment had to be carried out urgently before the predicted inclement weather hit the UK over the winter period. New timber had to be sourced and machined for the manufacture of beams and posts.

The refurbishment took three weeks to complete by local craftsman Brian Walsh. An annual inspection will now take place to ensure the future of the structure.

Below are some photographs of the work carried out.





Brian Walsh (Craftsman) with a member of the family who originally built the gateway.



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