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Gift Aid

Message From The Parish Gift Aid Organiser

Download your gift-aid declaration by clicking this text, you may then print it off, complete and sign it and bring it to church. Thank you!

Do you pay tax?

Whether income tax, (e.g. on earnings, dividends, bank interest etc.) or capital gains tax.

Do you make donations to the church?

On a regular or irregular basis.

If you have answered YES to both questions

Then why not join the gift aid scheme?

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is the scheme used by charities and donors to reclaim tax on charitable giving.

What does it mean?

It means that if you are a taxpayer, the parish (via the Diocese) can reclaim tax already paid on all donations. It can cover all giving whether by weekly or monthly offertory, irregular donations, or single one-off donations. We can reclaim tax on your donations at the basic rate equivalent, as long as you have paid tax at least the amount reclaimed during the tax year.

Overall for every £1 you give, the parish will receive an additional 25p from the Inland Revenue. So for £1 per week (£52 per year) the Tax reclaimed would be £13. All at no extra cost to yourself!

How does it work?

You make a `Gift Aid Declaration' to the Church, (see Michael Coster or Veronica Frangleton the parish Gift Aid Organisers). The Diocese can then reclaim for the parish the tax you have paid. There has to be a record of what you give, so we ask you either to use the weekly offertory envelopes, give by cheque, or give by bankers order. The declaration will cover everything you give. You are giving to the parish anyway, this simply asks the Government to redirect to the parish some of the tax you have paid to them. Please be reassured that your donations are confidential.

What happens if I stop paying enough tax?

Simply ask your parish priest or organiser to cancel your declaration. If in future you start paying sufficient tax again you can make a new declaration.

Thank you for the support you give to the parish.

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