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Minute Meditations

Ingredients of Love (22/01/2018)
When you take knowledge and add humility you get wisdom, and when you take that wisdom and add it to compassion you get love. And God is love. Also, as the fourth- and fifth-century desert fathers and mothers teach us: Humility helps us constantly become aware of the need for God’s grace. —from the book Prayer in the Catholic Tradition: A Handbook of Practical Approaches   
Open and Vulnerable (21/01/2018)
Each of us longs for harmony. We feel it deep within us, the instinct to live free of shame, naked and vulnerable before our God and the world. We long to know ourselves fully and not be afraid of who and what we are. It is the map back to Eden imprinted on our souls and desired by our flesh. We long to know what it meant to be woman when we were Eve—to have that relationship with God, with man, with ourselves. Eden’s blessing calls us, and we spend our lives, if we are pursuing God earnestly, trying to unravel what it means to be Eve, to live naked and unashamed before him. —from the book When We Were Eve: Uncovering the Woman God Created You to Be by Colleen C. Mitchell
The Gift of Woman (20/01/2018)
When God sees woman, what he sees is not simply spirit, but her physical body, itself a reflection of him. In the physical existence of woman, God’s longing for a relationship with the created world and his desire for the good of humanity are met, and he is able to rest. Woman becomes gift not just to the world, but also to God himself, who finds his last longing fulfilled and rests in his satisfaction. —from the book When We Were Eve: Uncovering the Woman God Created Yout to Be by Colleen C. Mitchell
Union with God (19/01/2018)
By loving his children, the pilgrims, and all those who approached him, Padre Pio united himself more intimately with God. Those who were rehabilitated by Padre Pio’s union with eternal love could not be amorphous creatures; they had to be dynamic. Padre Pio’s spiritual children could be distinguished from other Catholics by their spirit of altruism, by their disposition to righteousness, by their public and private prayers, by their sacrifices which were known only to God, by their professional honesty, by their serenity and wholesome joy. —from the book Padre Pio: A Personal Portrait by Fr. Francesco Napolitano
Mary, the Ultimate Mother (18/01/2018)
Good mothers want nothing more than to ease the pain of their children. They would rather endure the pain themselves than see their children suffer with it. That is exactly the kind of good mother Mary is—she would rather endure the pain herself than to see us suffer. She cares not only about the fact that the pain is there, but also about how to help us heal from it. She loves us and wants to become the instrument of our healing. And she will, if we allow her. —from the book Forgiving Mother: A Marian Novena of Healing and Peace by Marge Steinhage Fenelon
God's Saving Love (17/01/2018)
Like the apostles who were sent forth from the Upper Room out into the world, each week, each one of us is sent forth from our parish church to the world to be witnesses to Jesus’ saving love. Pope Francis writes “every Christian is challenged, here and now, to be actively engaged in evangelization; indeed, anyone who has truly experienced God’s saving love does not need much time or lengthy training to go out and proclaim that love.” —from the book Meeting God in the Upper Room: Three Moments to Change Your Life by Peter J. Vaghi  
God's Masterpiece (16/01/2018)
God looked at the world he had created, teeming with life, stars flung across the heavens, every bird and bug and animal and flower in its most glorious state, the rivers and mountains and valleys and seas, and man—perfect in his reflection of the image of God—he looked at all of that, and saw that it was incomplete, that something was still missing. Before the Lord of the universe could sit back and rest, he longed for one more thing—to bring woman to life. —from the book When We Were Eve: Uncovering the Woman God Created You to Be by Colleen C. Mitchell  
Faith in Motion (15/01/2018)
Again and again, Pope Francis reminds us that we’re to go out to meet people where they are, not wait for them to come to church. While he would be the first to remind us that the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Christian life, he also knows that sometimes it’s a long journey to get there. And we can’t wait at the top while people struggle on the way up. We need to join them on the journey. We need to bring Christ to them on the way. —from the book Pope Francis and Our Call to Joy by Diane M. Houdek  
The Fingerprints of God (14/01/2018)
There is no spiritual wellness without the wholeness of a fully integrated body and soul. We cannot pursue spiritual wholeheartedness and intimacy with God living in bodies that bear shame, bodies we have come to see as enemies to our wellness. We were created as body and soul at once, and both aspects of our humanity are marked with the fingerprints of God. —from the book When We Were Eve: Uncovering the Woman God Created You to Be by Colleen C. Mitchell  
The Integrity of Prayer (13/01/2018)
It’s easy to become discouraged that we do not pray as often or with the intensity that Saint Francis had. Yet prayer is the last place where we should compare ourselves to others. We don’t know if another person’s prayer reflects a life already turned over to God’s grace or a life with much to be relinquished to God’s grace. Long prayers are not necessarily better. What matters is the integrity of prayer, the openness the person praying shows to conversion to the Lord’s ways.  –from the book Peace and Good: Through the Year with Francis of Assisi by Pat McCloskey, OFM  
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