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Social Distancing Benches

Preparations are underway for when Churches re-open. All measures will be announced once we receive the full guidance and instruction from the government and then the Church authorities.

Social distancing benches at St Joseph’s: 32 singe bays or 64 doubles for 2 people from the same household.

St Edward’s: 34 singles or 68 doubles for 2 people from the same household.


ST JOSEPH’S & ST EDWARD’S CHURCHES ARE NOT RE-OPENING YET. While the law allows churches to reopen on Monday for private prayer, not all churches will be opening as it is too soon. Strict measures have to be put in place and we are preparing to implement these. We await further guidance …

Crow Nursery

St Edward’s really is a bird haven this spring. A fledgling crow was ‘crawling’ round the back garden while Fr Brian was cutting the grass. The parents kept on returning to feed and encourage the chick to fly.

Feathers all preened, 1 final practice before flying away into the trees to parents and siblings!

Empty Nest St Edward’s

Empty nest at St Edwards – 5 fledging blackbirds & both parents now happily flying in & out of the back garden and surrounding trees.