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Stations of the Cross 2021 by Fr Brian Kealey – 9

 The Ninth Station

Jesus falls for the third time

We adore thee Oh Christ and we praise thee

Because by thy holy cross thou hast redeemed the world


First Voice

Drained strained empty

There is no independence physically

What blows have not damaged

What cursing and cruelty have not cut

What is left

Is utter dependency

The son of God yields

The body has nothing left

Second Voice

When these bones have nothing

When I am close to death

When the kind nurse wipes my mouth

When they leave the room

So that I can be cleaned

Then Christ crucified share with me

The acceptance that becomes defiance

 I love you Jesus

My love above all things

I regret with my whole heart of having offended thee

Never permit me to separate myself from thee again

Grant that I may love thee always and then do with me what thou will